Flat Roofing Contractors Process

Guaranteed For The Life Of The Repair Or Replacement

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First your existing roof covering is removed down to the decking.

If your decking is in good condition we then overdeck your roof using OSB3 18mm decking sheets, these are known as Sterling BoardsOverdecking prevents disturbing of the joists and any interior damage to ceilings, if the existing deck is damaged by water or rot, then this is also removed as required.

All the relevant trims are then applied  as shown in the diagram 1 thru 4, this effectively creates a mould where the laminate can be applied to.

A flexible resin is applied onto the deck, 450gsm fibreglass matting is then laid on top of the resin and more resin is applied. This is hard rolled to remove bubbles of air that may been trapped and it is allowed to cure, this will take around 20 to 40 minutes.

The roof is then lightly sanded to remove any sharp edges and burrs.

The topcoat is then applied and curing takes about 20 to 40 minutes to harden. the topcoat provides a hard wearing durable surface and is usually done in a mid grey colour this is a fairly neutral colour.

You may choose any colour from the colour chart, and/or a non slip top coat which is very suitable for pedestrian areas such as terraces or balconies.

You then have a watertight, UV protected roof that can be walked on, we ask that you give it 24 hours to allow for full curing/hardening. 

A typical roof of 20 metres Square would be completed over 2 days.


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