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Examples of structures using our Flat Roof GRP Fiberglass Cover.


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Here is an example of a flat roof in Poole, Dorset. No seams to give problems and years of maintenance free life.

This flat roof system finish is cooler and can stand being walked upon without damage

Totally UV safe.



This shows the damage on a roof under repair in Wimbourne, Dorset.

The original roof covering was a rubber membrane which completely failed.

Water penetrated the covering and destroyed the boarding and the joists had started to rot, under this covering was an original roof which had not been removed.

Water stagnated and leaked into the property below with all the usual destruction that this can cause.

All the old roof structure was removed and then we fitted new joists laid decking OSB3, applied our GRP Fiberglass Cover and the finish coat.


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Here is a roof in Dorset.

This was a felted roof that had seen better days and is starting to break up. A lot of the overlap joints had failed and were leaking.

Some of the tiles were misplaced and we refitted these as part of the work.


You can see where we have totally removed the old covering and removed all the old decking boards.

Then the insulation was taken out and replaced with new.

A new Sterlng Board decking was laid down ready for the GRP Fiberglass Cover.

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The new GRP Fiberglass cover and top finish coat applied.

This will now last for at least 40 years but we give it a lifetime guarantee.


This flat roof extension has been completely renovated.

No weather will get through this modern fiberglass cover.

You can see, it makes makes cost effective sense to only fit the best.

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